Madonne Car Spawner


Package Description

It is often complicated for servers not using ESX, QB Core or any other similar framwork to offer their players a realistic vehicle spawning solution, without falling within the constraints of a life server. With Madonne CarSpawner, MadonneStudio offers all its servers a new innovative and customizable solution. 

How does the script work ?

Our script allows you to allow your players to choose their vehicles via an intuitive interface and to have their vehicles appear near them, in one of the 11,000 parking spaces present in the game (having been listed by us). If no parking space is available nearby, an NPC will be responsible for bringing the vehicle to your players.

Showcase video


How to install the  script ?

Go to the Keymaster website to download the archive containing the Madonne CarSpawner script. Then all you have to do is extract the contents of this archive into the RESOURCES  folder of your FiveM server. Don't forget to add the resource to your server.cfg !

 How customizable is the script ?

Here are the different parameters you can modify in the configurations files :

  • Different ways to open the vehicle spawn menu
  • Display of vehicle blips on the map
  • NPC who is bringing the car for each type of vehicle
  • Maximum number of vehicles that a player can spawn at the same time
  • Categories list
  • Vehicles list
  • Parking slots list


DISCLAIMER : All our resources are protected by the FiveM ESCROW system in order to protect our work and make it last over time. This therefore requires going through the CFX.RE site to download the resources and only the servers using a FiveM key belonging to you can use the resource.

For more informations, check our documentation.

For any issue with this ressource, please contact us on Discord :